Today’s reading and thoughts on chapter one of The Great Work of the Gospel by John Ensor.

This Chapter is The Great Work Considered. John begins the book with great questions about grace and forgiveness. Can we be forgiven? Can God forgive some sins and not others? In his experience he has had many people ask him questions about forgiveness, many of them have been during very hard times. He list out many questions on this topic and tells the reader that he will answer these throughout the book. I was taken in again with the last question that he says is one of the greatest questions we can consider, “What motivates God to do one thing and not another? The reason this is important is that it gets to the very heart of the issue before us. What motivates God to want to forgive?”

The fuller answer will develop as we go, but for now, let me summarize what I think the answer is. Why should we take God’s invitation and promise to heart? Because God’s own great passion is to glorify himself in our knowing him and enjoying him. More particularly, he wants to show us his grace, more particularly still, he wants to show us his infinite mercy, to the praise and glory of his own name. In other words, God desires to make his mercy the apex of his own glory in the eyes of all creation. It is the ultimate reason for the creation of the world and the plan of redemption. It is the ultimate reason we should believe he is ready to do a great work of grace in us!

What a great question and answer. John does follow this up with scriptures and other illustrations that help us to see why he comes to this conclusion. I really like the thought of this chapter. Consider grace, think on it, ask questions, push your questions to bigger questions…and look to God’s Word for answers.

God desires to make known to us His grace for His glory! His grace in us does not begin with us, it begins with God…that is grace. Do I see God’s grace each day? Do I just look at God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as some friends I once knew that I may try to look up on facebook and send a friend request just so I can have them in my contacts just in case I need them? Or do I see God as my glorious, worthy, unequaled, Lord, Master, Savior, and friend. Do I rely on Him or do I place my trust in yesterdays growth and change? God wants to show me His grace and mercy all the time because He wants me to see Him all the time. He is not selfish or prideful, He is acknowledging what He must…that He is supreme and great and Holy and the only One worthy of depending on. He allows me to know Him, to love Him and be loved by Him. Grace!

What a great thing to consider! This is of first importance as we look into grace.

For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins…

1 Corinthians 15:3

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