Humility: True Greatness by C.J. Mahaney
Chapter 6 As Each Day Ends
Study and overview by Marc

This is a very simple chapter but a huge idea to implement in our quest to fight the sin of pride. C.J. encourages us to end the day by being thankful for the grace of God throughout the day. Not just by saying “thanks God”, but by thinking on specifics. He teaches that even sleep is a gift from God and should remind us of our dependence on God. We cannot live without sleep. We cannot live without God. Mark Dever once shared with C.J. how sleep is a great picture of dependency on God. We trust the bed to support us as we sleep, as we totally let go–how much more is God able to hold our lives and souls. We must let go of ourselves and restfully cling to Jesus, peacefully fight for rest in Him. Do I ascribe greatness to God at the end of the day by thinking about Him and the events of the day or do I use my presleep time to worry about the cares of tomorrow and the future.

Just last night I could not sleep. My mind began to worry about things that are silly and out of my control. What if my daughter gets hurt, what if she…such and such. I say this is silly for me to worry about because she will experiece hurt and pain, she already has. I can not fully control this, but instead I can put my cares upon the One who does and can and wants too and I can trust in Him to work all things for the good–because I am called by grace and I do love Him!

I don’t want to waste time in worry, I want to redeem the time for praise! It is a fight against my pride and a purposeful release to God.

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