Much is going on in the world. Much is going on in your world and in mine. It’s not that we have our own planets, unless you are a Mormon, it’s that our circle of people, jobs, hobbies, routines and lives are just slightly overwhelming to tremendously crushing. This is even true of my little 23 month old baby girl. She has a hard time under the day to day stress of watching Elmo, Thomas, Wall-e or playing with her little house, sheep stickers, or play-doh…will she sit with mommy or daddy?…will she eat chicken today?…will she keep both shoes on? Will she poo on the potty? It is all very perplexing for us all. Some of you are even wondering if you will be able to poo on the potty today.

Much is indeed going on in the world, in our own little but seemingly huge worlds. Some days the rhythm is just right and everything and everyone falls right into tempo and we flow along bearing the day. Other days it feels like blue grass, hip hop, and emo have all collided causing a heavy dysfunction of rhythm, melody, and over-all enjoyability making it an unbearable day.

You can even tell if it is a bearable day or not by hearing someone say…”Much is going on in the world”. For the little girl at Disney riding the rides and squeezing on Micky and Mini much is going on and she absolutely wants it to last forever. For the stressed out people who are working as hard as they can just to keep up with the bills, not to mention the Jones’, spend quality time with the family, be good church attenders, coach a team, be on a team, watch the A-team… hearing them say “Much is going on in the world”, will cause a pause from any true friend and make that friend ask…”can I help you in any way?” as they know that they themselves are about to deflate under their own atmospheric pressure.

I look forward to talking with Jesus about this. About the much going on-ness and the pressure of life, success, and just being a good man, husband and dad. I want to hear about Him coming to earth as a baby…that was much…about his life as a boy, teen, and man…that was much…

I want to hear about how he defeated sin…that was much…too much for me to bear.

I want to hear about how he could and would even love me…that is much, and it helps me now to face the day with perspective.

I want to wake up in the morning each day in Heaven…if we sleep…I don’t know…and I want to know that all is well, Jesus is here, my life is hidden in Him and all worries are gone. I think with faith I should be able to do that here in my world today, but much is going on in my world today, I forget.

Provision and Heaven
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  • December 31, 2008 at 8:07 pm

    Very nice, much is happening…

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