Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Romans 5:1

Did Jesus come to teach those that are “good” and those that are bad a better way to live so they could follow his ways and one day be declared righteous? Are we made right in God’s eyes because we attend church, say a prayer, give our tithe, give to missions, sell millions of albums and thank Him at the awards, walk to the front of the church and cry or maybe even pass out, sing in the choir-especially soprano or tenor, clean out the church bus toilet, become a minister, say the Lord’s prayer before the big game, refrain from “dipping, cussing and chew and dating those that do”, teach 7th grade boys Sunday school, feed the hungry, adopt children, take care of widows, give away free water downtown without even mentioning our churches name, or cut the pastors lawn?

Deep down and even on the surface we know that these things can not save us. So how can we get to God? How can we be made right and be forgiven? We need help because without it, we are doomed.

If you are a Christian then you have been justified, in other words the Christian, “through faith in Christ, has been justified and declared righteous by God, once for all. The result of this is that the Christian no longer lives under the fear of judgment and the wrath of God but has peace with God, which is not merely a subjective feeling but an objective reality.”(ESV study bible)

We no longer pay the price for our sins because Jesus, in love, took our sins upon Himself absorbing the wrath of God. God, in the most Supreme court, takes the substitutionary death of Jesus on our behalf and declares us free and forgiven. Jesus paid the price, our death penalty. God sees us now as righteous, because of Jesus, not because of us.

So believer, walk in the freedom and peace that Jesus accomplished for us, God gives us and the Holy Spirit empowers. In faith follow Jesus and do great deeds, but do them because you are justified and love God, not to be justified as you fall deeper in love with yourself.

In Christ alone am I justified.

in Christ alone. justified.
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