As we walked into the fairly new yet greasy waffle house, we saw some friends of ours from church. We walked over and said hello, talked for a minute and then went to another table and had dinner. As we were about finished, our friend came by and let me know that he took care of our bill and invited me to come by his house so he could make me a pen. I was not exactly sure what it would be like to watch someone make a pen, but let me tell you, it is pretty cool and I would not be able to do it. I was intrigued the entire time, I felt like I was Mr. Rogers on a field trip to a cool place only I didn’t sing a song before I left home as I put my shoes and cardigan on…I guess this day in age it would just be a sweater vest. Anyways, my pen is just that, my pen. It was made just for me, with my preferences in mind. I will never look at this pen like I have always looked at pens…as pens. This pen not only is valuable monetarily, but it is priceless to me in personal value. OK, maybe I would sale it for over a thousand dollars for all you sticklers out there like me, but we know that will not happen, even then I would inform my friend, ask permission, split the money and then have him make me another one.

As I think about my pen tonight, I am reminded of how God is the master craftsman and designer of all creation. We were not made on an assembly line, but were hand made by God. This gives us great worth and even purpose. Assembly line pens work and can even be expensive but there is just something about a hand-made one that makes it better.

God has made me, Christ has saved me, and the Holy Spirit is comforting, leading, and empowering me. Like a pen is made to write, I am made to worship. I was made to have a personal relationship with my creator. I was not made on an impersonal assembly line that by chance happens to crank out people.

Am I living according to the value that God gives and Jesus has purchased for me? Do I worship God with my whole heart, mind and strength? He has fashioned me to make His Name great. I can hold in my hand an awesomely completed pen, but I praise God that He is holding me in His hand, complete but needing lots of sanding, gluing, and refilling.

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  • March 1, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    i love this marc!

    its good to hear again over and over and be reminded that God made ME unlike any other.

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