Being out around town today(McDonough) I noticed that there were still patches of snow that have not yet melted. Two basic observations got me thinking about the heat of God’s Word and the heat of sin…

1. There are many places that do not get much direct sunlight leaving cold spots for snow to linger around.

Heat of God’s Word…

God’s Word brings light and heat that melts away the cold spots in our hearts. Are there parts of my life that I keep in the dark, purposely shading it from the light and heat of truth?

2. Snow that gets gathered up, like a snowman, stays around longer even in direct sunlight.

Heat of sin…

We are created for community, not to be loners. When we function within the church gathered together, the body of Christ, we can battle the heat and weariness of sin better together. When we distance ourselves from other believers, we melt faster in our troubles.


snow, hiding, and community
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