Some of the topics we have been looking into during our SOR have been extremely helpful to me and my family. During some men’s time we were challenged to think about how we love others. As I went away to read scripture and think about love I was reminded how often we come to certain topics of life with assumptions and presuppositions. Where do I get my definition of love from? Hollywood, friends, magazines, Oprah, Dr. Phil, family, Sunday school teachers, pastors, or Tina Turner? We need to turn to God’s Word to see where love comes from, what it looks like, and how to love. Usually when we think of love we think of a feeling and that special someone we know loves us. Love does consist of this, but it is much bigger. I won’t write out my thoughts here now, but I want to encourage you to study the topic of love in the bible and ask God to help us really love.

Another topic we thought about last night was the holiness of God and personal purity. It was great to be reminded of the holiness of God. All the attributes are pure, amazing, and set apart…God’s love is a holy love, His wrath is a holy wrath, etc… God is holy. God calls us to be holy, makes us holy, and continues to purify us day by day as we trust in Him. I praise God for Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit in my life. The Holy Spirit empowers me to live as Christ as I trust His promises in faith. This takes all bragging rights away from me and helps me to praise God. There are many things all around us that desire our hearts, minds, and loyalty. We must fight against these things offensively and defensively. Steve Lindenmeyer, campus director at NEU in Khon Kaen, helped us to look at this and used virus scanning software as example of how we need to live. Junk that comes into our lives needs to be filtered out. We need to be alerted to the junk and react. Sadly though, we get comfortable with it and allow it through. Once again I will not write it all out here, nor could I.
We have been challenged in many other ways too! This has been a great ministry to us!
love. holiness. purity.
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