What a titantic thought; God not only knows all his thoughts, but he knows every thought that has been, and will be. Remember that time you thought you were so awesome? God knew you were thinking that and in one way he agreed, because of who you are in Jesus, and in another way he maybe laughed a loving laugh due to having a full view of what it looks like to be truly awesome, a view of himself.

God doesn’t just know our thoughts, he knows everything! God knows everything about me at all times, in all depths, and still loves and forgives me.

For those that are not in Christ, those that do not trust in and love Jesus, the omniscience of God must be dealt with. Many choose to think big thoughts that explain away God, creating for themselves a place to have faith without evidence. Others live in fear because they know there is a God but do not love him. They know deep within that they have been created for more than themselves and that they are accountable to someone for all the wrong they have done and carry alone to be dealt with alone. God knows all our sin.

For the believer, this should bring great comfort and motivation. We should be comforted to know that every sin we have ever committed or will commit can not nor will ever be hid from God, he sees them all. And in seeing them all, every last one of them, he dealt with them all in Christ on the cross! So if you are a child of God and are carrying a sin, God has forgiven you, confess it up, be healed, and rejoice that you can’t hide your junk from our all knowing awesome God.

God knows my future. God loves me. I can rest.

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