Woke up and headed out into the streets of Bangkok.
Saw my wife, daughter, and some hotel workers. (5 people)

Got out on the street to catch a tuk-tuk.
Saw at least 30 people around our hotel and in the street.

Headed to the Bangkok Transit System.
Saw at least 200+ people

Rode the Sky train.
Saw at least 1000+ people on the train and in the city.

Went to Central World Mall.
Saw at least 2000+ people.

Went back to the Sky Train.
Saw at least 2000+people, walking, driving, standing, eating, selling, and singing.

Rode the Sky Train.
Saw at least 1000+ people on the train and in the city. (about two stations)

Walked back to the hotel from the Sky Train.
Saw about 1000+ people moving every which way, but out of mine. Didn’t they know we were tired?

Walked around a small mall near our hotel.
Saw at least 2000+ people.

Read some of Death by Love, by Mark Driscoll in the hotel lobby.
Saw about 12 people. My back was to the window that faced the ever moving display of people.

Went back the the Sky Train, walked to a mall with a cool restaurant, had dinner with the family, watched a girl fall in the restaurants indoor mote as she disregarded some basic rules…she was OK it was only about 2 feet deep, danced with Sophie to some live music, walked back to the Sky Train, walked to the hotel.

Saw about 900,000 people give or take a few 100,000s.

Regardless of the exact amount it was a huge amount of humans. I probably used preacher numbers anyways. What was driven home to me is that the harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few! It is overwhelming. Pray for the people of Thailand and the 10/40 window. In our attempts to create the most perfect communities let us not forget the great commission in our cities and all around the world. Let us go and send. Those that have been sent “out” may not always stay “out”, those that send my be sent themselves. Let not our fights be over styles of music on Sunday mornings, types of rocks for the kids playground, putting our names on a wall, what movies Jesus would watch, 5 points or not, and themes for VBS, but let us fight for those that have never heard of Jesus, let us fight against hunger, against slave trading and homelessness. Yes, let us fight! But let it be a good fight of faith, not something that a few folks can figure out at Cracker Barrel in an afternoon.

Regardless of my latitude and longitude, may I always be about the gospel and the causes of Christ in the most unreached places by going, sending and reminding.

I think I saw a million people today.
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One thought on “I think I saw a million people today.

  • August 8, 2009 at 2:11 am

    Brother, that is the testimony of your life! I praise God for you and Sherry (& sweet Sophie). I'm listening to Elisabeth Elliot right now talking about giving up the "right" to yourself; taking up your cross; dying to yourself….very powerful.
    "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose." (Jim Elliot)
    Keep at it….
    Also, thinking a lot today about the power of prayer and the importance of persevering in prayer…
    Love ya'll!
    Kim C.

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