Death by Love, Letters From the Cross by Mark Driscoll (founding pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington) and Gerry Breshears (professor of theology and chairman of the division of biblical and theological studies at Western Seminary) is a very rich read. Each chapter helps to shed light on a certain aspect of the cross and what was accomplished through the death and resurrection of Jesus. The format is creative and extremely practical as each chapter is mostly in letter form that Mark has written to someone as a pastor. I will warn you that this book is very raw as it deals with adultery, rape, hate, and deep deep evil in contrast to the redeeming work of Christ. You will be angry, sorrowful, and dumbfounded at the depravity of mankind (including yourself) but you will be full of joy, hope, passion, love, and astonishment as you think on the works of God on the cross. For those of you that want to see theology applied in everyday lives of sinners this book is for you. With that said, Mark and Gerry bring out a slightly different view of the atonement in chapter 8 that I will need way more time to process due to never reading or hearing about it before. Regardless of whatever Jesus loving and bible based view you have on the atonement that can also be debated by God fearing brothers and sisters in Christ, you will learn much from chapter 8 and walk away contemplating Jesus’ love for the world and hopefully desire to share Jesus with the others.

Reminder and warning before you watch this video…this book is about the depths of sin and the awesomeness of Jesus. We deserve hell! Jesus accomplished so much for us!!!

Chapter breakdown:

We Killed God: Jesus Is Our Substitutionary Atonement

“Demons Are Tormenting Me”
Jesus Is Katie’s Christus Victor

“Lust Is My God”
Jesus Is Thomas’s Redemption

“My Wife Slept with My Friend”
Jesus Is Luke’s New Covenant Sacrifice

“I Am a ‘Good’ Christian”
Jesus Is David’s Gift Righteousness

“I Molested a Child”
Jesus Is John’s Justification

“My Dad Used to Beat Me”
Jesus Is Bill’s Propitiation

“He Raped Me”
Jesus Is Mary’s Expiation

“My Daddy Is a Pastor”
Jesus Is Gideon’s Unlimited Limited Atonement

“I Am Going to Hell”
Jesus Is Hank’s Ransom

“My Wife Has a Brain Tumor”
Jesus Is Caleb’s Christus Exemplar

“I Hate My Brother”
Jesus Is Kurt’s Reconciliation

“I Want to Know God”
Jesus Is Susan’s Revelation

Recommended Reading on the Cross

Death by Love, Letters From the Cross. Mark Driscoll & Gerry Breshears
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