The Thai, Northeastern, Lao Isan of Thailand are listed in the 100 LARGEST(mass numbers of people) unreached people groups over on the Joshua Project website. I read about this on the Joshua Project site last week from a Twitter update and have been trying to process it. We know that we need to be about sharing the gospel here in this area among the people, that has never been a question. However, this type of information verifies the challenges that we face and calls us towards dependence on the gospel and awesomeness of God as the Holy Spirit leads us.

This type of information could make one feel helpless and overwhelmed. Helplessness was my first feeling when I read about this, which soon turned into a faith-filled acknowledgment that Jesus has other sheep that he too must bring in and will do so through his gospel. I was looking over the Joshua Project statistics last week at a coffee shop and was not living in line with truth for a few brief seconds, I was feeling a little hopeless and then Git, a Christian Thai woman walked by with her kids! May the gospel go forth!

This information also calls us away from depending on good methods, good strategies, and ironically even revealing statistics as we use them. We trust in the Name of the Lord our God! Man, what great things to think about during the Christmas season! The Gospel and the mission of the Church!

I am overwhelmed by the Gospel today! It’s also my bride’s birthday and the day we received our little Sophie Mei from China. Watching this reminds me in some aspects of how God has adopted us through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus!

Here is the link to our Adoption Video.

Gladly overwhelmed by the Gospel
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  • December 17, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    God's plan to save the world was a baby born to poor parents in a little town so I would imagine that the spread of the Gospel in Isaan (and everywhere) would also have humble and unlikely beginnings. In God's good time, he does amazing things and changes the world. Thanks for the good post.

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