“…we know a good thing has become a counterfeit god when its demands on you exceed proper boundaries.” Timothy Keller

In chapter two of Counterfeit Gods, one of the most important chapters written on love I have ever read, Timothy Keller once again brings some biblical and cultural insight that shatters commonly held perspectives. In particularly, he exposes the dangers and idolatry of letting our passions for love, sex and purpose in relationships with each other be our end or our final longing. I can not begin to do justice in writing about this today due to the fact that my perspective has been exposed to light, my heart is full of hope, and my confession to God and Sherry are in order. Sherry can not bear the weight and expectations of my worship, but she can be lifted up and encouraged as God receives my full worship and meets all my hearts longings.

Keller breaks down the story of Jacob, Leah, and Rachel masterfully. Jacob’s idol was Rachel, Leah’s idol was Jacob. We read it in our culture today as a great romantic story of persevering commitment and love, but is it? Keller exposes idolatry in a way that is hard to argue with.

Our relationships on earth cannot complete us, redeem us, save us, justify us or make us whole, things we long for and try to find in each other. Our relationship with God through Jesus can. It is when we find that our life is hidden in Christ, we can then be true lovers, true neighbors, true friends and run the race in freedom and allow other believers to do the same. In order really love and receive love well, we must seek ultimate love first and foremost in the overflowing source of love, God.

A few quotes:

Our fears and inner barrenness make love a narcotic, a way to medicate ourselves, and addicts always make foolish, destructive choices.

…reorient the entire focus of your life toward God. C.S. Lewis

If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world [something supernatural and eternal.].” CS Lewis

you complete me. really?
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