Many of us often find ourselves between two doors. I don’t mean that we are literally sandwiched between two doors like I was when I was stocking doors on the night shift at Home Depot. I’m talking about being between stable or normal spots in life, or at least the feeling of stability.

We find ourselves in waiting spots often. We walk out of one door but we are not quite walking through the next one. This may be a stage in life, a career, the adjusting to losing a loved one, being engaged, graduating, being pregnant, receiving your adoption referral, riding in a U-Haul truck to a new home in a new city, sitting in a Doctor’s office after receiving some tough news..etc. Being between two doors is not an easy place to be. There are so many things that are unknown. There may be some direction, but there is not a clear understanding of how things are going to be.

This waiting time is entered into when you begin leaving one place and start to go to another. It’s a place of not yet…a place of waiting, trusting, asking, evaluating, stressing, crying, remembering, looking forward, laughing, prioritizing, tweaking, testing, confessing, praising and so many other things.

No matter what, I know God has plans for his people and the King Shepherd leads his sheep. The waiting spots do not feel like green pastures most of the time. They sometimes feel like dark valleys and often are. However, some waiting spots are mountain top experiences that we never want to forget. The ultimate point in all of this is that Jesus is with us, we need not be anxious, we can cast our cares on him because he cares and loves us.

Our goal is not the green pastures or mountain tops we may finally mentally rest in/on through the next door. It is to be close to the one who leads us in our waiting and going forward. To know his rhythm and heart beat, to sync up with his desires and loving rules. To rest in His mercy, goodness, and grace. To rest in Him. As we see his closeness we can rest, even in the dark valleys of uncertainty. In doing so, we will be more prepared to walk through the next door and out of the previous one with faith, hope and love.
(Edited and updated 2.12.14)

Between Two Doors
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