In the pursuit of biblical living, freedom and fearlessness we need to properly understand the loving command of submitting to Jesus. When we turn to ourselves, the world, and others we can find ourselves missing out on a joyful, worshipful life in the One who loves us best and most.

“By submitting to Christ, the church finds freedom in obedience, freedom from the tyranny of sin. The commands of Christ the king, the loving husband, become a wide, safe place, in which those who embrace his reign run free and fearless. G. k. Chesterton describes Christianity’s beliefs and ethical requirements as

“the walls of a playground….We might fancy some children playing on the flat grassy top of some tall island in the sea. So long as there was a wall round the cliff’s edge they could fling themselves into a frantic game and make the place the noisiest of nurseries. But the walls were knocked down, leaving the naked peril of the precipice. They did not fall over; but when their friends returned to them they were all huddled in terror in the centre of the island; and their song had ceased.””

James M. Hamilton Jr. from For the Fame of God’s Name

A Wide, Safe Place (embrace his reign)
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