The book Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe is what Mark Driscoll calls his greatest contribution to the gospel ministry of Jesus Christ in regards to publishing. Mark Driscoll and Gery Breshears take the reader on a brief but robust, serious but comprehensible, and prophetic yet priestly walk through some very important doctrines of the Christian faith by following the story line of the Bible. I set out to read through this book in a couple of weeks to get a good overview of its contents to be able to use it as a reference tool. Having enjoyed reading a few Driscoll and Breshears books I was curious to see how they would handle a book on doctrine, I was very pleased. It is full of scripture, like it should be, with the right amount of history, explanations, illustrations and applications. Having read other books on theology and doctrine I would say this book is a good primer to help believers see what the bible teaches. I found myself moving beyond the pages filled with scripture and thoughts to seeing the majesty, grace, and beauty of God as my redeemer, restorer, hope and power.

There is a small group study guide in the back of the book. Although we may not agree on every point that these two men of God make, we will benefit greatly by talking through these doctrines together. I would suggest it for senior high-college discipleship groups and adult home groups or Sunday school classes. It would be a great thirteen weeks of contemplation of scripture and foundation building.

Why has the word doctrine come to be know as boring stuff about God that even pastors want to avoid? Doctrine is what we all have, we all have a way of seeing things. Biblical doctrine, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit will help us to see what the bible teaches, the way God desires for us to see Him, ourselves and the world. I don’t think I am off by saying that by avoiding the study of doctrine we are saying we want to avoid loving God, ourselves and the world. This book helps to bring some of the teachings of God’s word to the table for us to feast on together for the Glory of God, our good and the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ into all the world. Our only hope in life is God. What does he have to say about himself, us and the world and why and how would should live.

You will see a great trinitarian view of God through the pages of this book. We have much to learn about God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We have much to learn about ourselves and each other. We have much to learn about the cross of Christ, Kingdom of God and our eternal hope. Praise be to God for speaking to us through his Word. I am thankful for these two guys giving us some guidance through the Word.

Here are the chapters:

  1. Trinity: God Is
  2. Revelation: God Speaks
  3. Creation: God Makes
  4. Image: God Loves
  5. Fall: God Judges
  6. Covenant: God Pursues
  7. Incarnation: God Comes
  8. Cross: God Dies
  9. Resurrection: God Saves
  10. Church: God Sends
  11. Worship: God Transforms
  12. Stewardship: God Gives
  13. Kingdom: God Reign


Doctrine (the book)
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