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Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

(Matthew 5:8 ESV)

Being pure in heart is so much more than just being sincere. We all know what it is like to be sincerely wrong. It is also more than just having integrity within your way of life…being “true to yourself” etc. If my heart is deceitful, it would not be a good idea to listen to it with devotion and integrity, obeying its every beating.

Something beautiful happens when Jesus gives us new hearts. The old heart is taken away and a new heart is given. This new heart that now beats with the rhythm of the Kingdom of God, in which Spirit of God bears fruit, like a beautiful symphony full of first chair players. Every beat drives deeper and deeper, and every note tells a story of incredible love.

Their heart, the very mainspring of dispositions as well as of feelings and thoughts, is in tune with the heart of God. Hendriksen

Jesus has taken our polluted and dead hearts and replaced them with his vibrant eternal life giving heart. The pure in heart are those who look to Jesus. They are the ones who see clearly that sin is death and Jesus is life. To drink from any other fountain than Jesus, although with sincerity and integrity, is as foolish as drinking water from the gutters of (insert the dirtiest city you have ever seen or heard about). The pure in heart have a pure drive, to glorify God by enjoying Him. They are redeemed pursuers of Jesus, the King of the Kingdom. The pure in heart know the importance and privilege of confessing sin as children of God, that in this confession, all other ways of life and gods are exposed as idols and the light of Christ shines brighter in and through us.

The pure in heart know their purity comes from Jesus, not themselves. They are pure in heart. In the depths, Jesus has conquered their sins and destroyed strongholds. As these old allegiances rise up, the pure in heart look to the author and perfecter of their faith and do battle together. The pure in heart do not focus on living outwardly to please man and appear holy. The pure in heart are pure in HEART. From within, by faith, because of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the pure in heart are able to live Godward lives.

How much attention are you giving to looking like you have it together? Are you so focused on the external appearance of your life, church, job, ministry, or family that you are missing out on seeing God work?

How much time do you give to drinking from the pure Well and Water of life?

Believer, you will see Jesus face to face soon, may you find your short time here filled with getting more and more acquainted with Him. A good indicator of having false security in Jesus is a lack of desire to know him now. Look to Christ, see him now, and see him forever. Lord give us eyes to see and faith to believe!

He means those who do not aim merely at outward correctness, but at inward holiness. They are not satisfied with a mere external show of religion. He that is most spiritual-minded will have most communion with God.


What does it mean to be pure in heart?
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