This past Sunday we set out to share the love and gospel of Jesus with some beautiful people. Take a moment to read and then watch the video below.

Written by Bobby and Kaite Hamlett (blog)

For the past 5 months, we have been watching a construction site  at the front of our neighborhood. After months of speculation as to what it will eventually be, we now know it will soon be a huge grocery store, Tesco Lotus, with a movie theatre and several restaurants!

So after driving past it countless times (everyday for the last 5 months!),  I began to think, “How can we reach out to all these workers right in our ‘backyard’? I began to pray about it and felt that God was leading our community team to do something… Some kind of outreach/thank-you project just because we want to be the love of Christ to the community around us. I brought it up with Marc, a fellow CO missionary here, and he really encouraged the idea and helped support me in moving forward with it (as my language is still somewhat limited!).

So one afternoon a few weeks ago, Marc and I went into the construction area. We asked the leader about the workers and what kinds of needs they might have. (Well, Marc really did the asking, I did the nodding and smiling!) This leader/boss, Bra-dit, said there were around 550 workers laboring on this huge project! We were amazed! We then asked if we could give the workers some basic goods along with Gospel material and a thank-you note. He said sure! And even made mention that one of his relatives was a Christian – which is pretty amazing considering Thailand is less than 2% Christian! It is not too common for people to know about Christians, let alone personally know a Christian, and really rare to have a family member who is a Christian! What an open door!

So we began planning. We talked with the Community Team (core believers at our church) and they were excited about the idea! We decided to create ‘care bags’ for ALL 550 + construction workers. So we began working out the details. We would get some basic necessities, like toilet paper, soap, laundry detergent, ramen noodles, etc, along with some goodies, fish-snacks, candy, cookies, coffee. Then we would add a thank-you note saying “Thanks for building our Lotus” and a Gospel tract. Everyone helped out and soon we had packed all the bags and were ready to go out and meet the needs of the people and share the Gospel!

So this past Sunday, with approval from Bra-dit, we went with the community team and even a few unbelievers, to the construction site – not even fully knowing what to expect! Around 300-400 of the workers were getting off shift and had to line up to scan out by fingerprint (pretty high tech!). Bra-dit had us set up a table along their line and hand out the bags, chat, and thank them. We were greeted with so many smiles. This was my favorite part of the whole experience -seeing people who labor day in and day out in very hot weather, and who probably never hear a genuine thank you. The 20 or so believers from our church came equipped with smiles and goodie bags, wanting to show the love of Christ to them with a simple thank-you. It was so awesome.

Katie worked on putting together a video slide-show with pictures from the ‘bag-packing party’ and the day we handed the bags out. You can watch it here:

Please continue to pray for these workers. Pray they would read and respond to the tracts. Pray that they would come to our church and want to know more about Jesus. We are praying for God to do great things – would you do the same?

Smiles, Gifts, Gospel, and Love (gospel outreach)

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