….It was also necessary that provision should be made for the sanctification of the sinner, the repairing of the lost image of God in him. And man being as unable to sanctify himself as to satisfy justice (a truth which proud nature cannot digest), the Saviour behoved not only to obey and suffer in his stead, but also to have a fullness of the Spirit of holiness in him to communicate to the sinner, that his nature might be repaired through sanctification of the Spirit.

Thus was the groundwork of man’s salvation laid in the eternal counsel; the sanctification of the sinner, according to our author, being as necessary to his salvation as the satisfaction of justice; for indeed the necessity of the former, as well as of the latter, ariseth from the nature of God, and therefore is an absolute necessity.

~Thomas Boston’s notes on Edward Fisher’s Morrow of Modern Divinity

Repairing The Lost Image
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