Many of you have asked how you can support small projects/needs that we have in Thailand. Here is one that I think you can get excited about!

One of my family’s favorite Bibles is the Jesus Storybook Bible. The main reason Sherry and like it so much is because the story-line of the Gospel saturates every story in this Bible for kids. We have both grown in our understanding of the gospel through this bible for kids and are excited to tell our friends about it. Sophie likes it so much because of the great stories and beautiful pictures. I love seeing her grow in her understanding of the gospel over the years of reading it to her at bedtime. I was very excited to hear the news that it has been translated into Thai and is ready for distribution.  I am confident that this tool will go a very long way with children, teens and adults. We pray that God will use it specifically in the lives of the 6th grade students I teach alongside Bobby Hamlett(Name on Gofundme) and a few others from our church.
We will give our students the Bibles this Christmas. It will be a gift for them and their whole family. We pray that it will be a gift for the whole city and country as lives are changed through seeing and believing Jesus!
Thank you for considering. Please pray along with us.
Help get the word out by talking with your family, small groups, youth ministries, college ministries, churches and friends that you think would like to help this type of project.
Donate Now online
May the Gospel go forth!
Each Bible cost $16.67
Goal: $1,200
Help us put this great Bible in the hands of Thai 6th graders!
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