Are you being burden by past and present accusations of your sin from you conscience, others and the evil one? Embrace it…because you have Jesus. Not that we embrace sin, absolutely not, but we confidently and gratefully confesses it saying “Yes, my sin is hideous and Yes! my Lord is amazing!” Today as I was reading I was reminded of this great aspect of the gospel and the finished work of Christ. Often when we think about past or present sin we want to manage it, sit in it, deny it, or even ignore it. Don’t! Flee to Christ! He is our savior and sanctifier, the author and perfecter of our faith! Sanctification happens by His hands, not ours. Read this and then watch the song video below that shares these truths.

…neither let your own accusing conscience, nor Satan the accuser of the brethren, hinder you any longer from Christ. For what though they should accuse you of pride, infidelity, covetousness, lust, anger, envy, and hypocrisy? yea, what though they should accuse you of whoredom, theft, drunkenness, and such like? yea, do what they can, they can make no worse a man of you than a sinner, or chief of sinners, or an ungodly person; and so, consequently, such an one Christ came to justify and save; so that in very deed, if you do rightly consider of it, they do you more good than hurt by their accusations.

And therefore, I beseech you, in all such cases or conflicts, take the counsel of Luther, who, on the Galatians, [p. 20,] says, “When thy conscience is thoroughly afraid with the remembrance of thy sins past, and the devil assaileth thee with great violence, going about to overwhelm thee with heaps, floods, and whole seas of sins, to terrify thee, and to draw thee from Christ; then arm thyself with such sentences as these: Christ the Son of God was given, not for the holy, righteous, worthy, and such as were his friends; but for the wicked sinners, for the unworthy, and for his enemies. Wherefore, if the devil say, Thou art a sinner, and therefore must be damned; then answer thou, and say, Because thou sayest I am a sinner, therefore will I be righteous and saved. And if he reply, Nay, sinners must be damned; then answer thou, and say, No, for I flee to Christ, who hath given himself for my sins; and, therefore, Satan, in that thou sayest I am a sinner, thou givest me armour and weapons against thyself, that with thine own sword I may cut thy throat, and tread thee under my feet.” And thus you see it is the counsel of Luther, that your sins should rather drive you to Christ than keep you from him. (The Marrow of Modern Divinity, Edward Fisher)

Believer, Being Accused? Flee to Christ!

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