I was recently asked by a friend to give a few book suggestions. Here is a list of 15 of my favorite books, not in order, and most likely leaving many out. These are books that have helped me to better understand God’s Word, life and ministry. The books with links will take you to my thoughts on that particular book.

1. The Great Work Of The Gospel , Ensor

2. Doctrine, Driscoll

3. You Can Change , Chester

4. Death By Love , Driscoll

5. Leaders Who Last, Kraft

6. RICH , Dickson and Gibson

7. Future Grace, Piper
8. Attributes of God, AW Pink
9. Desiring God, Piper
10. Counterfeit Gods, Keller
11. Chosen by God, Sproul
12. Edwards Excellencies Of Christ (read online)
13. Pleasures of God, Piper
14. Pleasures Evermore, Sam Storms
15. Holiness of God, Sproul

I did not include commentaries or larger books on Theology and ministry like Berkhof, Grudem, Horton, Edwards etc.

It should go without saying that the Bible is on the list and is never to be substituted.


Books That Have Greatly Influenced Me
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