Oh Judas, dark Judas, what have you done?

You’ve spied out for your pockets Heaven and Earth’s loving Son.

The oil from her jar to anoint your Master’s feet,

was the last straw that pricked and prodded your fleshes cruel greed.

So you turned to those who care not for your heart,

and led them to Jesus playing a betrayer’s intimate part.

While your sins seemed secret, Jesus knew full well,

That you had been tempted and enticed by the charred lies of Hell.

You kissed His cheek and He called you friend,

“Do what you came to do”, must have been your end.

But Judas, dark Judas, we are much like you,

We are severely struck by self will and the betraying we do.

You hated your folly yet repented not to the Lord,

The coins still sound out today as they bounce on the floor.

May we learn from your friend and brother within,

And like Peter, denying Peter, truly repent from our sin.


Spy Wednesday 2015, Lotus Extra, Khon Kaen, Thailand

Oh Judas, dark Judas, what have you done?
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