You Have Been Served (Maundy Thursday)

The Creator of all bent low without hesitation, washing his disciple’s feet.
For all the washing and cleansing they desperately needed He alone would fully meet.

Yet Peter, full of vigor, self wisdom and pride rebuked His Master’s action.
Expressing to Jesus, yet again so clearly, our need for substitutionary atoning satisfaction.

“I am your teacher and Lord”, he told the men dearly, so they too would serve one another.
But this serving, and drinking, and eating of bread would soon expose the betraying brother.

But Christ was not shaken, yet would soon feel forsaken, with joy ahead He endured the cross.
For without the bending low of our Savior from Heaven to Earth all mankind would be eternally lost.

Maundy Thursday. Lotus Extra, Khon Kaen, Thailand 2015

You Have Been Served (Maundy Thursday)
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