As I look over the list of genealogy in the book of Matthew I am reminded of the natural way God designed and commanded mankind to populate the earth: “Be fruitful and multiply.” In families we pass on the things we have learned to our offspring so that they will be fruitful in life. Most families do not want their children to be left on their own to face the world, they spend time with them and show them the way. In this way, generations take the things they have learned and then continue to share it down through the generations, multiplying the influence on the world as the family itself multiplies in numbers. As believers we should take our leads in spiritual multiplication from Christ Himself. The plan of Christ was to disciple His men and then lead them to disciple others. Where has this plan gone in many of our churches today? Why are we focusing so much on programs and big group teaching times to be the main drive of our Kingdom building efforts. We do most definitely need public worship and preaching but not those only and mainly. We need to be entrusting the things we know of God and His word to reliable people who will in turn teach others, as God’s word says in 2 Timothy 2:2. To entrust to others this valuable message of redemption and the ways of God we must, I believe have a relationship with them, just as families have with one another. Discipleship in many churches has been redefined as a position and the organization of classes depending on what topics we want to hit on. I think this can assist in the discipleship process but can not be the thrust and focus. Life on life is what Christ modeled for us. I am looking forward to studying the rest of Matthew to be reaffirmed that we are called to relationships that will be built around and in Jesus that run so deep that we will, by the Spirit, be fruitful and multiply.

(old blog post from my old blog THINK, March 2005)

family, multiplication, and the gospel
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2 thoughts on “family, multiplication, and the gospel

  • January 24, 2009 at 3:10 pm

    Great thoughts, Marc. It’s kinda funny because I’m working on these very thoughts for this week’s Sunday message. I’m going to use the Gospel of Mark’s account of Jesus telling Peter he’ll learn to fish for men. In my message, I’m working on talking about the differences of “live bait and lures.”

    I’ve never been a great fisherman; certainly not like my brother. But I know I’ve had absolutely ZERO success fishing with a lure. Whatever I’ve caufght has been on live bait.

    Taking that line of thought into my message, I think Jesus wanted us to use “live bait”, if you will, when we go fishing — not using thungs that are plastic and shiny, but the truth and warmth of a real life. This is especially true in such a consumer culture when people will leave our start-up church for the megachurch down the street that can offer all the big and flashy programs.

    I’m not take a shot at the megachurch WHATSOEVER, so don’t get me wrong. What I’m talking about is the authenticity of the setting in which I serve right now. We are a small, but creative bunch, and Jesus wants us to use our gifts and strengths for ministry and discipleship.

    Good post, friend.

    Mark Jordan

  • January 24, 2009 at 5:45 pm

    Mark, I love the “live bait and lures” analogy!

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