I finished David Platt’s book Radicallast night and am very glad I read it. My plan in writing today was to summarize the book and encourage you to go out and get it and then I saw that Platt had a short video explaining the purpose of the book. So I will let him share about his book with you in the video below.  As a missionary I am reminded that radical Christianity is not defined by how far away you live from friends and family but by how much you love and obey Jesus’ commands. May I stop picking and choosing which commands of Jesus I think are important and see that they all are. May I stop categorizing his commands according to my comforts. May I see who I am in Jesus and reach the world for Him by the power of the Holy Spirit as one who is in love with his Good Shepherd who was slain for His sheep.

“What does it mean to be a 1st century follower? Is it any different than being a follower in the 21st century? Listen as author Dr. David Platt shares the passion behind his new book, Radical: Taking Back your Faith from the American Dream. The radical things Jesus said 2000 years ago still apply to Christians today. Denying ourselves, giving up everything, and loving Him above all others is a radically different way to live. But it is the only way to truly live. We were created for more than a middle class existence. We were meant to count for His glory.”

David Platt Radical Book from Life Bible Study on Vimeo.

Buy the Book.

Wasn’t sure if I should use the word altogether or all together??

A book that will shake you…unless you have it all together.
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