So who doesn’t know the chicken dance? If you have not been to a wedding reception, skating rink or a big sports game in the past 30 years you may not know what it is. Regardless, there are some law students at North Eastern University that now know what it is.

Last night as one of our summer missions teams from the states went out on campus to meet students they had the opportunity to meet the entire freshmen class of law students. On the spot they were asked to do something funny or do a quick show. The three guys did not know what to do but pulled the chicken dance out of their back pockets. They gave it a go but the students sitting cross legged in orderly rows on the floor did not know how to respond. It was, in their mind, an epic FAILure. Even my staff partner hung his head in disbelief. The students did not laugh, but looked somber and sat still. Our guys pretty much felt stupid, smiled, said good-bye and left the room.

Today, six of the law men were spotted by the same mission team and were asked to come play ping-pong at our student center right off of campus. They agreed and came. We had a great time with them talking, playing and laughing. When I brought up the previous nights chicken dance with the law students…they laughed pretty hard.

So…here’s to you summer missions teams all over the world who are dying to your pride and doing the chicken dance and feeling stupid….let’s give our lives away, even in ways that seem ridiculous….in order to gain an ear for the gospel of Jesus Christ to be declared!

Pray for these six students: Guy, Da, Tdom, Nung, K, Fluke

May God open up their hearts to his glorious great news!

Doing Missions when Dying (to self) is Gain. (chicken dance FAIL?)
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