What if Chic-fil-a went global, or at least expanded to Khon Kaen, Thailand? What if on the Chic-fil-A restaurant locater page there was a country tab? What if in doing so, they took a great business to the ends of the earth with a great platform to declare the gospel to other folks in the industry by being a great company, building relationships and sharing life? It could be done! It’s time for that Christian sandwich to go great commission….OK chicken sandwich, but you know what I’m sayin’.  Are their any takers in the Chic-fil-A fraternity? I am sure this has been thought of before, but what’s the delay? The resources, operators, and employees are awesome…not to mention the Chicken sandwich. The goal would not be to make all the money that I believe would be made, but to make a global difference by having a business presence in the local communities all over the world. I know Truett believes Proverbs 22:1, it’s on his home page,

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.”

I think Chic-fil-A could have a global good name and exalt the Name that is above all names in doing so.

I mean come on, Sizzler is in Thailand…do you remember that place? Much could be learned from KFC and McDonald’s and Pizza Hut.

Yes, much of this desire began selfishly as I settle for KFC’s spicy drum sticks…that are good. But as I longed for Truett’s sandwich I began to think about how well they could actually do in so many ways.

I know the hot-brown and pot pie may never make it out of the country due to airport security and health codes of other nations, but the trademark sandwich and lemonade could and I submit that it should.

The cows are not so cute here and rumor has it they are afraid of heights but they need the work and want to live too.

What are the people doing in the picture below you ask? They are waiting for Chic-fil-a to go global and bring them some Chic-fil-awesome.

Chic-fil-Awesome could and should go GLOBAL
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