Baptisms at Covenant Church Khon Kaen today.

It’s always good to see brothers and sisters in Christ follow in Jesus’ command to be baptized. The Lord’s commands are always good and full of purpose, bringing him glory and his children joy. Today many of our friends expressed outwardly to the church of an inward reality; that they have been crucified with Christ, have been buried with him and have been raised to walk in the newness of life, the life Jesus has secured.

Regardless of country or people group it is also always good when anyone is set free in Jesus. However, there is something especially encouraging when many people who are listed among one of the top 100 most unreached large people groups of the world desire Jesus and trust in him through repentance and faith.
So today we celebrated the awesome work of God and his Holy Spirit in the lives of our Thai friends who have been redeemed by Christ!

Thank you for your prayers and support!!
The Lewis’

Song by Shane and Shane

Baptisms. We Will Rejoice and Be Glad!

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