After reading For the Fame of God’s Name I have decided to take a few of the chapters over the next few weeks and briefly share some thoughts, quotes and take aways.

In For the Fame of God’s Name, Sam Storms writes a wonderful chapter: Christian hedonism, Piper and Edwards on the Pursuit of Joy in God.  Deep down we know we were created to pursue and seek, live and move, to worship and delight. The key is living these things out and from the right place….and that “place” is God. He is the gospel, he is the good news, he is our only hope for righteousness, redemption, rest and reward….and he gives us himself through his Son Jesus. Our reward is God by God….this is grace and love. Where do you find your joy? How do you fight sin? How do you love others? How do you plan and and think over strategy for your family, relationships, business, church, ministry…life? How do you plan on changing? Consider this “divine catalyst”.

Here are a few quotes that I found extremely encouraging….most likely passing the copyright limit. (?)

If God is to be supremely glorified in us, it is critically essential that we be supremely glad in him and in what he has done for us in Jesus.

When it comes to satisfying our spiritual appetites, there is no such thing as excess. There are no limitations placed on us by God. There are no rules of temperance or laws requiring moderation or boundaries beyond which we cannot go in seeking to enjoy him. We need never pause to inquire whether we’ve crossed a line or become overindulgent. You need never fear feeling too good about God.

How do you measure the value of something you hold dear? How do you assess the worth of a prize? Is it not by the depth of delight it induces in your heart? Is it not by the intensity and quality of your joy in what it is? Is it not by how excited and enthralled and thrilled you are in the manifold display of its attributes, characteristics, and properties? Is it not by the extent of the sacrifice you are willing to make to gain it, to guard it, and to keep it? In other words, your satisfaction in what the treasure is and does for you is the standard or gauge by which its glory (worth and value) is revealed. The treasure, which is God, is most glorified in and by you when your pleasure in him is maximal and optimal.

That is why if you want to elevate God, celebrate God! Treasure him. Prize him. Delight in him. Enjoy him. In doing so you magnify him, you show him to be the most wonderful and sweet and all-sufficient being in the universe. Enjoying god is not a momentary diversion from more important responsibilities you have as a Christian. Enjoying God is not a means to a higher end. This is the end. Enjoying is not a pathway to the pinnacle. It is the pinnacle, the purpose for which you and I live. As such, it is the solution to our struggle with sin. The antidote to apathy is the enjoyment of God. It is the divine catalyst for human change.

You can fake having joy, but you can’t have fake joy.

…the reason God seeks our praise is not that he won’t be complete until he gets it. Rather, he is seeking our praise because we won’t be happy until we give it. This is not arrogance on God’s part. It is love.

…the problem isn’t the pursuit of pleasure but the willingness of uninformed minds to settle for comparatively inferior joys when God offers unsurpassed and far more durable delights.

What is the divine catalyst for human change?
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