A poem inspired from reading John 18:1-14, Luke 22:51. May we hear and see God’s love and hear His voice. The first ears were made in the garden of Eden. How appropriately awesome for Jesus to “grow” another in this garden.


Malchus, your ear, it fell to the ground,
Detached from your head, by your feet to be found.

Looking around with terror’s demand
You were touched by the power of the Son of God’s hand.

Peter’s sword cut swift, yet probably askew.
Did you relish that time for a moment or two?

Peace must have conquered your rage and fear,
as the fingers that made the universe made you an ear.

With which ear did you listen in the days ahead,
As you assisted your leaders to see Jesus dead.

Was your old ear contently filled with yesterday’s lies?
Was your new ear open to Jesus’ crys

As He died on the cross drinking God’s wrath from the cup?
Did you see His great love as you looked up?

Your name is listed in the story of stories.
Did you use your new ear for the Glory of glories?

The Servants Name was Malchus
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