In the beginning, God created.
Yet the pinnacle of creation devastated
the relation of man with Creator
by listening rather to the original hater.

A twist of truth, a hint of deceit,
was all it took to unplant the feet
of a son and daughter connected, secure,
to give in quickly to the Tempter’s allure.

Within the breast of our father and mother,
a desire arose and begin to smother
the goodness of God and love complete,
a desire that, we too, hourly repeat.

Destroy He could, for justice to reign.
Crush with one wisper and freeze every vein.
In the heart of the Father, deep and immence,
His Son would come to be our defence.

Out of Eden, we were cast,
Good Lord, how can we last!,
A minute without You, cut off and dying,
but covered with skins and a promise we were desperately relying.

In the beginning, God created.
And later, the Pininicle of mankind never hesitated,
to show love and action to make new and restore,
To bring us back into fellowship evermore. evermore. evermore.

Thoughts from Gen.1
Clarifying point. Man was the pinnacle of creation. Jesus is the pinnacle of mankind, “begotten, not made”. (Picture from Google, my phone ain’t that good)

Broken, Cast Out, Restored
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