How was his posture up on the stone?
Having unhinged and rolled it all on his own.

No pride, or boasting, or posturing for self glory,
for he knew he was a servant to the Author of the story.

Was he surprised by the lack of silence within the tomb,
As Christ walked forth, breathing, from earth’s lifeless womb?

If angels can be bewildered, his heart was insanely busy,
Seeing his Creator walk out, alive, leaving his mind incredibly dizzy.

Take a seat.

Or maybe he still longed to see what could be,
“Why did He love these rebels so much to make them so free?”

Earlier seeing his King on the cross, made his blood boil with rage,
and a vengeance to to destroy every killer, escorting to hell’s cage.

But the love of the Father held the angelic hosts back,
for the Son to receive, in full, His pure holy wrath.

Take a seat.

Assigned to wait and share the news,
That Jesus had risen,
To speak of Christ’s victory over deaths lightless prison.

And what of the tyrant, shall the angel tell,
Ol’ Spurgeon of England speaks clear and well:

“Who shall rebuild for the tyrant his prison?
The scepter lies broken; that fell from his hands!
The helpless shall soon be released from their bands.”

Take a seat.

The hearts of angels are accustomed, but never bored, with the Lord’s glory.
His heart had to burst telling the hinge point of God’s story.

What an honor, a task, a joyous burden to bear,
To proclaim to the Mary’s and world, “He’s alive!
He’s not here!”

“Do not be afraid, for I know you seek Jesus who was crucified” the other day.
“Come look with me to the place his body, earlier lay”.

But rather than telling them to take a seat, to calm their knees and take it all in,
He told them to “go quickly and tell” Christ’s closest of friends.

So we too are honored to both take a seat and to run, to proclaim Christ’s life and see His Kingdom come.

With amazement and tears, with victories and sting,
We must fight to remember death is unhinged by Christ, our loving King.

Take a seat, and go quickly tell.

Take a Seat
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