Whether it was a great monster, leviathan, fish, or whale
The nasty beast carried him off into a living hell.

Within its belly for three terrifying dark days
Jonah there learned to sing of God’s praise.

Not in the lesson learned, or burden lifted,
But in the midst of destruction the lies were graciously sifted.

And what remained on his lips breaking through the gall
Was that “Salvation belongs to the Lord”, the King of all.

Spit out or not, remembrance of God flooded his soul,
and thanksgiving and praises wailed filled him whole.

Yet, The Lord spoke to the fish, not so much as reaction, but plan,
and the fish “vomited Jonah out upon the dry land”.

“Arise, go to Nineveh” the second time the Lord spoke,
that they may turn from their evil and by God’s mercy not choke.

Even as they repented and found the Lord’s favor,
Jonah soon forgot praise and rather bitterness savored.

We too are like Jonah, one day praising, another moping,
But praise be to God for our adoption and hoping.

For through Jesus, the real tomb buster, faithful and pure,
we are set free in Him, and by Him to eternally endure.

Jonah deserved the belly, our Savior did not,
yet with joy set before him, Christ, in love, embraced His lot:

To endure the cross, despising its shame,
that by His life, death and resurrection we are saved in His Name.


Poem inspired by a sermon by Luke Thomas, Legacy Church Knoxville



In the Wail of the Belly
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